The Acropolis of Athens

Here’s a bonus blog post on the acropolis of Athens. I thought that I’d share some of the absolutely wonderful videos that have been produced on Greek history. The ones I’ve chosen touch on three temples which stand on the Athenian acropolis – the Temple of Athena Parthenos, the Erectheion, and the Temple of Nike – and one temple complex which occupies the south slope below the acropolis, the Theatre of Dionysos. It helps us to appreciate what we’ve lost since Classical antiquity and the Hellenistic period. Γεια μας!

— Να εχεις μια ωραια μερα. —

I’ll end with an update to something I discussed in my post on our visit to the Acropolis. UNESCO has just issued a report which states that the improvements made to the Acropolis – new sidewalks, elevator, and lighting – have not negatively impacted the site, and have allowed greater accessability to people with mobility limitations. Good news, indeed.

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